Murdock Hardwood - Suppliers of Hardwood and Softwood, Newry Northern Ireland
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Murdock Hardwood Industries are one of Irelands leading timber merchants occupying a ten-acre site in Newry on the main Dublin-Belfast corridor. We stock a huge variety of Hardwoods and Softwoods from the traditional American/European Oaks to Iroko and Sapele.

Timbers are supplied in bale lots or in smaller parcels and are available in random widths, dimension strips as well as wide specification specials.

With 'express delivery in operation you can expect a fast and efficient service with a next day delivery service on request.

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Purchasing Environmental Policy

As a reputable timber trading company, we at Murdock Hardwood purchase wherever possible and viable from suppliers capable of offering products covered through the following schemes: PEFC will be given preference. Any supplier not covered by these schemes must be able to provide information relating to the legality of their supply.

Murdock Hardwood aim to provide its customers with their requirements and those of other third part interests. To achieve this, maximum effort is being made to source the largest percentage possible of certified products. It is inevitable due to the nature of the varied supply of hardwood that there are products which are not covered by the aforementioned schemes. When this appears to be the case, suppliers are asked to provide Murdock Hardwood with information relating to the suitability of the forest resource and any documentation which may help demonstrate good forest management and legal harvesting rights.

Murdock Hardwood intention is that year on year we will be able to offer a larger, wider and complete range of products which meet the most stringent requirements of all environmental schemes. With a long term approach it should make the future of our industry socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable.